Excited about Stones

I have just confirmed the topic of my dissertation for my MA and I am excited!! How can anyone be excited about a lump of rock I hear you exclaim. Well, let me femsplain this to you.  I love history.  That’s about all there is to it really. I get excited about going to museums, even though by the tenth vase most people are pretty much over it, I still feel a frisson of excitement that someone touched/held/made that thing thousands of years ago, ok sometimes hundreds, but even knowing that I feel a sense of connection.

The ultimate history for me though is ancient history and my MA is letting me explore the Neolithic in a unique way as the MA itself is in Cosmology and Astronomy! Cool right? (forgive me, I have just returned from New York, normal service in language will resume soon).

So for my dissertation I will be studying the stone circle at Avebury and looking at potential astronomical alignments from within the two inner circles at the henge.



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