Life, thinking, eating, crafting and cats…

I wonder if everyone has the same massive fear I currently have when embarking on a blog?! It should be therapeutic, sharing thoughts and musings in a diary like format and for all the world to see.  It appears to be a very popular way to engage complete strangers and obtain the ego-craving recognition of humour/intelligence/creativity (strike out accordingly or all three may apply).

I keep reading about how blogs have to be different.  I’m not sure if mine will be different to be honest.  But I will be honest on here.  This is not going to be a shiny, glossy, positively glowing look at how wonderful my life is blog.  Instead, I hope, I will just be sharing a range of things, or fings as I like to call them, among all the stuff of life.  Some of those fings (wordpress has given up trying to autocorrect this to finds and has now suggested wings… I quite like wings), will include cats.  I have two and shall introduce them in due course.  Other fings will include crafted felted animals, felt toys, felt flowers (for my wedding, the wedding may get a mention too), faux taxidermy and food.

Food is one of my loves in life (I have others, these include, in no particular order, Peter my fiancé, Mattie & Barney (the cats), family, friends, unicorns, puffins, sloths, shoes, Orla Kiely, coffee, astronomy and history – there is probably much more but my mind has now gone blank).  Anyhoo, I am currently embarking on what many women call a diet.  I am NOT on a diet.  Diets mean restricting food intake, being generally miserable and quite frankly pissed off, eating some chocolate and thinking fuck it I’ll start again on Monday, and that’s only on Tuesday.  So I take long-term view on eating for love, health and beauty and while I hope that as a consequence of my approach some weight will fall off, the main aim is to develop a healthy relationship with food.  I will no doubt talk a lot about this in this blog.  As a rule, most people seem to have an unhealthy relationship with food, not helped by the media, TV, our parents (sorry mum!), their parents (sorry Na!) and its about time that changed.  We seem to be on the way, there is far more food information and acknowledgement out there that dieting doesn’t work (that includes Slimming World, Weight Watchers etc) and that clean eating is the way forward.  So I eat clean. And I eat well! I’ll be sharing my weekly menu and lovely noms on here.

Following the theme of food and weight loss there are two other areas I feel strongly about and will hopefully be sharing my journey with on here.  One is body confidence, or being happy in your body.  I could go on for hours about the impact the media and women’s magazines has, and at some point I may well explore that theme in detail, but my main aim is a journey of becoming happy with me.  I’m half way there.  That is half the time I’m happy and half the time I think I look like the back end of a rhinoceros.  So that’s not too bad.  The other area I am exploring in detail is the influence we put on ourselves through how we think.  In fact this is everything.  How we think determines our entire experience of our lives.  I’ll be writing about that a lot.

I hoping to share lots of experiments with you all.  Experimenting with thinking exercises, physical exercise (I dabble… it’s all I can manage) and any other interesting things that I think are worth exploring.  That way I’m doing the work for you and if it is beneficial you can have a go, if you want.  Current experiments include putting coconut oil on my eyelashes and various thought experiments… More to follow!


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