Clean Eating Carb Free Moussaka

Greeks look away now, what you are about to read does not concern you! I’m saying this because what I am about to share is a bit of a bastardisation of moussaka.  Sorry (not sorry).

What it is, is a damn tasty version of Moussaka that has been made using clean ingredients (in other words all fresh, no preservatives or processed foods) and is carb free so ideal for a no carb day when carb cycling.




Serves 2

dribble of olive oil

1/2k lean lamb mince

1 red onion

2 cloves of garlic

pinch oregano

1 red pepper


1 medium aubergine

handful of kalamata olives

glug of passata

squeeze of tomato puree

about 200ml beef stock

2 tbsp greek yoghurt

1 tbsp garlic cream cheese

pinch of dill

To make:

Brown onions, garlic and red peppers in a splash of olive oil, when soft add the lamb mince and stir to break it up, season and add oregano.  When browned and starting to cook through add passata, tomato puree and beef stock, cover and leave to simmer for as long as you like.  Min simmer time 20 mins, but the longer you leave it the richer it will become.

Slice the aubergine.  Mix the greek yoghurt, garlic cream cheese and dill in a bowl.

When the sauce is ready, layer it in a flat bottomed dish (like a lasagne dish) with the aubergine, or if you are lazy like me put the sauce in the bottom, aubergine on top.  Then put the yoghurt mix on the top of that.

Put into an over at 180-200C for 30 mins, until you can feel the aubergine is soft when you poke it with a knife.



Feel good about yourself!

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