Felt Flowers A Go Go!

I made a first attempt at some new felt flower designs today and I have to say i feel quite chuffed with the results.  Up until now I have been making (I say I, I mean we because my husband to be, or fusband, H2B, OH, other half, fiancé, etc) has been helping/nagging and making them too!) mainly roses.  AKA easy felt flowers.

So I branched out, excuse the pun, and today I have tried my hand at lavender, plus another crinkly looking flower apparently known as a lisianthus and balls on sticks, and a kind of petal stem thing, I’m not sure if its an actual flower, but i like the effect.  Some patterns I saw online refer to it as lavender, but i didn’t follow those patterns and in my head that wasn’t the lavender I was making! I made the smaller bud lavender ones (pink in the pic).

Now apparently I have to make the following:

48 large flowers

42 small flowers/buds

16 balls on sticks!

74 leaves/foilage

That’s just to make my bouquet, the bridal party bouquets (MOH, bridesmaids and mother of bride who is walking me down the aisle), plus the grooms party of boutonnieres or button holes as we call them.  It is not including any other flowers for tables, centre pieces etc.

So far I have made 6 and 3 balls…. and a headache.

This may take some time…

I also have no idea what combination of flowers I want. First world problems, I know.  The life of a creative (ahem).

If you came via this post by clicking on an image on Pinterest and hoped to find out how to make them, sorry, i’m only just working that out for myself!  But by the end of this I will at least be able to make some step by step guides, and will have a LOT of felt flowers to sell!

For your reference I have found the following helpful:




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