Clean Eating Low Carb/No Carb Cottage Pie

Why is a Cottage Pie a Cottage Pie? Apparently this is an eighteenth century dish, referencing the mashed potato used as a crust instead of pastry by poorer folk who lived in cottages and tended to eat a lot of the affordable crop, potatoes, so made a pie out of leftover meat (any meat) and mash.  Since the nineteenth century cottage pie has been used to denote the filling as beef and shepherds pie when lamb is used.

However, while I do live in a cottage, this is neither a dish made of leftovers nor with potatoes.  Instead this is a Cottage Pie that has been made using clean ingredients (in other words all fresh, no preservatives or processed foods) and is very low carb/carb free so ideal for a low/no carb day when carb cycling.



Serves 2

dribble of olive oil

1/2kg lean beef mince

1 red onion


about 200ml beef stock

1 medium cauliflower

half tub garlic cream cheese

knob of butter

To make:

Brown onions in a splash of olive oil, when soft add the beef mince and stir to break it up, season.  When browned and starting to cook through add beef stock bring to boil and leave to simmer until the liquid has slightly reduced. If you want to thicken add tsp of cornflower mixed in cold water with the stock and stir.  Min simmer time 20 mins, but the longer you leave it the richer it will become.

Cook cauliflower for 15 mins until soft enough to break with a fork.  Then drain, add butter and cheese and mash.

Pour mince and onion into bottom of a flat dish and spoon mash over the top.

Put into an over at 180-200C for 20 mins, until browned on top.



Feel good about yourself!

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