Carb Cycling – What’s it all about then?

By Helen Turrell, Bodyhappy, Personal Trainer based in South West London on 13/10/2016

The most important thing to consider when you change your eating patterns and exercise regime is that it fits around your lifestyle. Otherwise the results, if any, will be short lived.

Equally as important is accepting something is going to be a challenge and recognising that you may need support, and you might not be able to do it on your own.

In my eyes these are the first step to success.

I wanted to highlight this first, as putting a plan in place to deal with the hard times in the most constructive way is extremely important.

No- carb diets are extremely effective in making us lose weight and fast. The problem is it’s extremely difficult to maintain, plus as soon as you begin to introduce them again you gain weight.

Carbohydrates are an extremely important source of immediate energy for your body’s cells. Without carbs there is a good chance your metabolism will slow down, your stress hormone will sky-rocket and your muscle building hormones will stop or slow down – making fat loss extremely difficult.

The key is to eat the right amount of carbs, at the right time – not avoiding them altogether.

Let me introduce you to Carb cycling a technique that has been used in the fitness industry for many years. No matter what your health and fitness aspirations are, carb cycling might just be your key to success.

Carb cycling is a nutritional approach that requires you to cycle your carbohydrate intake day to day. Eating more carbohydrates on some days and less on others. It’s a really effective way to kick start your metabolism and burn fat.

The key to burning fat is not restricting your body of carbs altogether, but eating the right amount of carbs at the right time – this drastically affects our body’s response to them.

High carb days keep your metabolism revved up and give you energy, where low carb days keeps insulin low enough that you can burn fat without losing muscle.

High carb days are for exercising and no carb days for rest and recovery.

I have found this really effective with my clients especially the ones that have been dieting all their life, they tend to find it easier to eat and enjoy carbs this way. No carb days are easy, as a carb day is just around the corner.

Carb cycling alternates between high, low and no carb days. On the high carb days you eat complex carbs with lean protein and fibrous vegetables, on no carb days you eat lots of lean protein and healthy fats with fibrous veg and low carb days are a happy medium.

Planning your week ahead and preparing your meals in advance is the key to achieving the best results. Once you have stocked up your fridge with healthy grains, protein and produce it’s quite simple.

Exercise if often the missing link that prevents a complete lifestyle change when we start a new food plan. Introducing exercise on high / low carb days will accelerate your success.

Try my 7 minute workout videos that are suitable for complete beginners to the more experienced fitness individual. You can find them on my YouTube Channel (Helen Bodyhappy). These short but effective videos are complete body changers and require no equipment and can be done at anytime anywhere.

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