Warming White Bean Soup

My GOD it’s cold outside! Who said Winter could come so soon, I thought Jon Snow was dead? He is probably alive again, who knows I got lost in the Game of Thrones when the little puppies were clearly going to be killed.  So what to do about the cold? Eat warm things of course! This soup is especially warming and especially yummy.  I normally find soups a bit boring if truth be told, but this, THIS, this is delicious! I even surprised myself with how damn good it is.  So make extra, because you are going to want it! Oh and warning – this includes beans, so you know, good for the heart but makes you….


Serves 2

Tin of white beans – I used cannellini beans for this, but butter beans would also work well

Vegetable stock cube (or chicken stock if not veggie)

1 large leek

3 sticks of celery

3 cloves garlic

500 l hot water

pinch chilli flakes

I lemon

salt and black pepper

coconut oil

cavolo nero or kale for crudite

A blending utensil/apparatus




To make:

This is too simple, heat some coconut oil (or olive / rapeseed oil) in a big soup pot.  Thinly slice the leeks, celery and chop garlic and put into the hot oil, sauté the veg until soft, about 5 mins.  Add the chilli flakes (if you like it hot hot hot, add more than a pinch), rinse and drain beans and add to pot along with the hot water and stock.  Simmer and then partially cover for 10 mins.  Take lid off and turn up heat to reduce liquid a bit.

Meanwhile sauté the cavolo nero leaves (remove from stalks and chop) or kale in a pan with coconut oil for 5 mins, oil crispy.

Once soup has reduced, add some finally grated lemon zest from the lemon and juice of half of it then blitz with a hand held blender or pop into your juicer/blending machine, whatever you have in the kitchen.

Serve soup with the cavolo nero or kale on top and a squeeze more of lemon, to taste.


Feel good about yourself!

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