Mountains and Molehills

In the light of recent world events, this may seem like an unlikely heading.  This is not a blog post about the US election, if I did that I may well offend far too many people and lets face it Britain messed up recently too so ya know…

No this is about actual minor events (not something as massive as a megalomaniac becoming one of the most powerful men in the world – that really is a mountain) that somehow we completely blow up out of all proportion because of those pesky things… thoughts (little buggers).

I have realised that despite being fully aware that thoughts are just thoughts and can be changed, ignored and yes, the power removed from them, I still manage to forget that when I embark on a full blown mountain making mission.  Usually as I am trying to fall asleep.  Usually for a good four hours…

Ahh insomnia.  I cannot pretend to be an expert on insomnia (or any of the things I write about on this blog), but I do experience insomnia frequently enough to be well acquainted with it.  So I have done what all insomniacs probably do and researched the phenomena to better understand it and attempt to overcome it, at least once in a while at any rate.

What it boils down to though is those pesky thoughts running riot in our brains when our defences are low and all we want to do is go to sleep.  There are plenty of suggestions on how to help overcome insomnia, ranging from using lavender oil (that actually does help), switching off all technology at least half an hour before going to bed, drinking soothing beverages (they just make me want to pee), meditation, hypnotherapy, Alexander technique, etc. etc.  A recent podcast I listened too suggested breaking the non-sleep with some kind of action, which sounds counter-intuitive but apparently reading (despite the switch off technology thing) or just doing something can trigger your brain back to sleepy bye bye land.

Essentially while all the above help, the main thing us insomniacs need to work on is to stop allowing our thoughts to think bedtime = party time.  My thoughts are particularly unruly at bedtime and simple, small events, that during the day I would handle normally, suddenly become life or death experiences.

A recent example involves work (most do #stress), an upcoming event I have to host takes place in a European city.  Usually due to the work involved I stay at the event venue.  For some reason this year the office PA decided to book me into another hotel five minutes away from the event.  Nothing major right?  WRONG.  At midnight on the night of discovering this, my brain went into overdrive and the entire hotel booking issue had become a justifiable reason to resign. End of.  Enough was enough. No doubt everyone else but me were booked into the right place and this was clearly a demonstration of total lack of respect, yada yada yada blah blah blah.  On and on and on went the thoughts and I lay there listening to them.  I jumped on that thought-train and fully committed to the ride.  There was no getting off no matter how many times I told myself I was being silly, that there was a simple explanation.  Lavendar oil made no difference, neither did meditation, nor thinking black or trying to count sheep.  Recalling the podcast I got up – by now it was 2am – 2 hours of mountain making!  I read a little and slowly the mountain subsided and the train came to a standstill.  Finally about 3am I fell asleep.  It worked! #win

So when you find yourself in the grip of a train of thought hurtling through your brain making a mountain out of a molehill and seemingly refusing to stop.  Get off and do something else.

Also remind yourself that things that seem massively important now, wont be so important n a year, or perhaps even in a month, or even tomorrow morning!  The image I used for this post showed up on Facebook the day after the above shenanigans.  Synchronicity – I hadn’t posted about this on Facebook or anywhere online, the universe certainly likes to point and laugh sometimes!

Oh and the hotel situation?  The PA had forgotten that the team who organise the event had booked my room at the venue and had helpfully decided to book somewhere for me!

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