Golden Paste

Golden Paste is a great way to keep turmeric in a dissolvable and easy to use format for all your recipes, especially Golden TeaGolden Milk and Golden Porridge.  It is by no means essential and all of these recipes (and others) can be made using powdered turmeric and other ingredients (see the recipes in this blog for more information).  However, if you intend of having it a lot, and I recommend you do (I’m no expert but the stuff works!), then this is a good place to start.  Also making Golden Paste helps absorption of the turmeric and enhances its properties (see my other blog post on this)

To make Golden Paste you need the following:

60g turmeric powder (get the best quality you can, ideally organic)

250ml filtered water

1 tbsp virgin coconut oil (again best quality you can get)

2-3 tsp black pepper (this helps absorption and effectiveness of the turmeric)

1-3 tsp cinnamon (for flavour)

Place all ingredients, apart from the black pepper, in a pan and stir over a gentle, low heat.  This is important, do not boil.  You want to simmer the water until it becomes a thick paste.  It takes about 6-10 mins.  Add the black pepper at the end.  Some recipes suggest incorporating the oil at the end but as coconut oil is hard it is easier to melt it in from the start.

Keep refrigerated in a jar with a lid, it should keep for about two weeks.

When using Golden Paste for recipes you will use a full tsp at a time.

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