Petal / Leaf Stem Tutorial

Making your own flowers from felt, fabric or paper is incredibly rewarding if a little time consuming and to start with, daunting.  With very few tutorials out there I thought I would share a few of my own, starting with the simplest; petal or leaf stems.

These are great fillers and can represent hollyhocks or delphiniums if you use colours, or succulents with blue-greens, or simply leaves.


Step 1 – cut out eight circles, these can be the same size or varying sizes and can be between 1’ or 1.5’ in diameter, depending on how big or small you want them.

Step 2-3 – use a glue gun and pop some glue in the middle of the first circle then step 4 place floral wire in the centre.

Step 5 put more glue along the bottom edge and then step 6 glue together the edges

Step 7-8 take your second circle and glue along the edge and put on the opposite side to the original petal/leaf. Glue edges together

Step 9 – repeat Step 7-8 until all eight petals are glued along the floral wire

Have fun!

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