Marinated Chicken and Red Peppers (otherwise known as a Healthy Kebab)

Quick and easy never has to mean boring and tasteless.  I work in London, so that means arriving home at 7.30 at night, knackered and rarely in the mood to cook, even though I love cooking! Because I want to eat well that means I try to avoid fast food, I say I try, I’m not a saint! But on the occasions I succeed, which are more than those in which I fail, I do like to cook easy, nutritious and tasty food.  This is one of those recipes.  It’s a bung in the oven, throw on the rice kind of dish.  It doesn’t need the red cabbage slaw or the yoghurt dressing but they taste damn fine.



Serves 2

5-6 chicken thighs, cut into pieces (I use scissors to chop them up)

Pinch each of oregano, dill, cinnamon, turmeric, coriander, cumin and black pepper (remove any of these you don’t like and replace with any herbs or spices you do like!)

2 red romano peppers (or normal ones, we don’t have to be posh here – the romanos are slightly sweeter though)

1 red onion

150g brown rice, black rice, wild rice (just not white)

1/4 red cabbage

fresh parsley

small pot of Greek yoghurt

I lemon

1 garlic clove

salt and black pepper

coconut oil

chicken stock cube/pot/fresh if you have it

800ml water

1tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp vinegar

To make:

This is too simple, chop the peppers, halve the onion and chop into thick wedges (keep the other half for the slaw) cut up the chicken and put into a roasting tin.  Cover in all the herbs and spices (not the parsley) with some olive oil, make sure you rub it all in to the chicken and veg.  Put into the oven on 220C/gas 9 for 20 minutes.  In the meantime heat some coconut oil (or olive / rapeseed oil) in a big soup pot and cook the rice quickly in the oil before adding the chicken stock / water plus stock pot.  Black and wild rice need longer cooking times than brown rice, so cook for up to 20 mins.  If the back/wild rice need longer than 20mins do this step before the chicken.

Thinly slice the remaining onion, chop the parsley including the stalks, keep the stalks to one side, and slice the red cabbage, combine in a bowl with olive oil, vinegar and salt and pepper.  Then take the parsley stalks, finely chop the garlic and add to the yoghurt in another bowl with some more olive oil and lemon juice, plus some dill.

Take the chicken out of the oven to rest for five mins and squeeze the rest of the lemon over it to combine with the lovely juices in the tray.  To serve, drain the rice, but allow it to be slightly wet, place on the plate, chicken on top, cabbage slaw to the side and drizzle the yoghurt dressing all over plus the juices from the roasting pan.

Told you it was simple and quick!



Feel good about yourself!

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    1. innermoo says:

      Thanks. Tastes great too 🙂


    1. innermoo says:

      Thanks, hope you try the recipe!

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