Healthy Tacos


With all that turkey lying around it is tempting to wish you never had to eat another mouthful again I know. But waste not want not (I never really understood that saying!) so here is a quick and easy way to use up left-over turkey that is healthy, has nothing to do with a jar of Hellmans, bread or curry and it super quick to make.

For the marinade:

Olive oil

Chipotle chilli peppers


Lime juice


(or buy a jar of chipotle marinade!)

Main ingredients

Left over turkey (I actually used fresh mince for mine, mainly because I don’t like Turkey and bought it by mistake!) – you can also substitute any meat or veg you like, left over or fresh

Corn tortillas

2 avocados



More olive oil

Mild salsa (you could make your own, but I promised this was a quick recipe)

Cheese and/or sour cream if you want

Lettuce (I used left over rocket)


Finely chop the garlic and chipotle pepper and smoosh together with olive oil, squeeze of lime, some of the lime zest and paprika and mix it all up with the turkey, leave for 15 mins (longer if you want).

Meanwhile, remove stone and skin from avocado, smash up with a pinch of salt, juice from half the lemon and a splash of olive oil and some dill to taste.  If you want, add a few chilli flakes too.

Cook the turkey in a pan until hot (if left overs, if you use fresh turkey it will need to be cooked until no longer pink obviously, same for chicken)

Warm tortillas in the oven for a minute or two max.

Build your tortilla/taco/burrito creation!  Mine was composed of a little bit of rocket, a little bit of avo, a little bit of turkey and a little bit of salsa.  Grated cheese and sour cream would have been nice as well, but I was being lazy and couldn’t be bothered to grate the cheese or go to the shop for the sour cream! Four of these little beauties fill you up and taste yum, even though I don’t like turkey!

Eat. Enjoy!




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