The Body Confidence Revolution – A Letter

A letter to my body

Dear body,

Thank you.  Thank you for holding me, comforting me when my mind was in turmoil.  Thank you for keeping going through the pain, ailments thrown at you, germs, aches, and through the awful diets I put you through.  Yes, you complained and eventually I listened.

You are phenomenal.  You are strong.  You heal yourself, despite the mind’s attempts at halting that healing power with doubts and questions.

You are interesting. Every crease, scar and flaw has meaning and history (in your case herstory).  The scar on my eye – that came when I was five years old and fell over and hit my face on the radiator.  I still carry that story with me.  The ones on my knees, reminders of the fall over the wall when I was 11.  I know I carry scars longer than most and that’s fine, they let the light through.

I want to listen to you more closely, so that I can give you the things you need to remain healthy and happy.  When you complain I will treat you, when you grumble I will stop doing whatever it is that causes those grumbles because I respect and honour you.

You are perfect.  You do not have to look like the people in those magazines or on the TV/films etc.  You just need to be what you are, and I accept you as you are.

You are loved.  I love you, my fiancé loves you and because you carry me, my friends and family love you.

I celebrate everything that you are, I rejoice in the wobbly bits, I marvel at the muscly bits and I adore all the other bits equally as much.

Keep being exactly what you are, because you are everything you need to be and you are more than good enough for me.

From me x

(Writing a letter to your body may seem a bit woo-woo, but try it, it is amazing how it can help you on your body confidence journey and allow you to accept and celebrate the wonderful being you are.)

I’m joining the revolution, join me by sharing this post with anyone you think needs to write a letter to their own body and why not write one yourself too!  Let’s make loving our bodies go viral!

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