Quick and Healthy Chicken and Avocado Salad

It may seem strange to have a salad in Winter, but this warm chicken and avocado salad is so yummy and quick, it is a perfect foil for all those stews, casseroles and pies we end up eating at this time of year!


Olive oil

Lime juice of a lime

Lime zest of half a lime

Lemon juice of half a lemon






Ingredients – serves two

2 chicken breasts





Combine the marinade ingredients, slice up the chicken and pop it in. You can marinade the chicken overnight or for just 15-20 minutes.  If you decide to serve it with a jacket potato as I sometimes do, then marinade the chicken before putting the potato into the oven.  Then at about 45 minutes in to cooking the potato, start the chicken.

Cooking is simple – fry the chicken in a small amount of coconut oil until brown (should take less than 15 minutes if cut into strips).  Prepare the salad using whatever salad ingredients you want.  I tend to have a simple lettuce, tomato and onion salad, occasionally throwing in some celery.

Once the chicken is browned you should have some juices in the bottom of the pan.  Add a dot of butter and some more lemon juice to these to increase them.  This is your warm salad dressing.

Serve by placing the salad on the plate, topped with sliced avocado and the chicken strips, pour the warm salad dressing on top.

Serve. Eat. Enjoy!

Feel good about yourself.




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