Why I am suddenly inspired to get fit…

In no other time in my life have I ever, I repeat ever, had any desire, inclination or real determination to get fit or to regularly exercise.

I have dabbled.  I hired a personal trainer once.  I only kept paying him because he was easy on the eye!

I once tried to get into shape so that I could become a triathlete (insert hilarious laughter here) – that lasted the two lengths of the swimming pool I was unable to swim!

I joined a gym.  We all know what happened there.

I started running.  This was part of the “I want to be a triathlete” phase, before I got on and promptly off a bike and prior to the 2-lengths swimming debacle.  I used the “From couch to 5K” app.  I got to 1k.

Then something changed.  I stopped caring.  Not about myself – because I hadn’t actually started caring about myself until this point.  No, I stopped caring about other people.  And then I started caring about myself.

Other people have a lot to answer for!  These “others” make us feel insecure, they judge us, they tell us we need to be different to the way we are, slimmer, fitter, prettier, more intelligent, healthier, lower BMI etc..  I call these “others” EGO, or the media, depending on my mood.  Of course, if we aim to change ourselves based on the opinion of what we “think” other people think of us (i.e. ego), and/or what we read in the media, then we will NEVER succeed.  Well I certainly didn’t.

In fact, it wasn’t until I decided to just accept myself as I am, as part of the body confidence revolution and inspired by many other amazing women leading the way, that a new-found realisation hit me.  Being fit is good for me.  Not for “others”, for me.  I feel better inside this body of mine.  It is very hard to explain and had someone said this to me while I was in my “doing it to please others phase” I would have laughed at it.  So, this is something that has come from within, at the right time, after experiencing what I can only call an aha moment.

In the past when I thought about doing exercise or going to a gym or class I would find every excuse I could to avoid going.  I would dread going.  Now, I can’t say I’m completely perfect and run to every class, and occasionally when I have too much pain (due to the joint condition) I have no choice but to miss a week, but for the first time ever I actually quite like going! (Don’t tell anyone, shhh).

I have found some exercises I either love or get on ok with.  Walking has always been enjoyable for me, and my partner and I love going for long walks, that has never changed, but the frequency with which we can go for a long walk is limited due to such busy lives and with short evenings its not something we do during the week.  I have always loved yoga and trained to be a kundalini yoga teacher – unfortunately my joints didn’t like it as much as I did, but I have found a local class for vinyasa flow that I can do and I love.  I discovered HIITs (high intensity interval training) courtesy of a friend who is a personal trainer, and I can actually do the exercises! So my routine is this, walk as much as viable, yoga on Wednesday, HIIT bootcamp on Saturday, ache every other day…

Here are the reasons I think I’m inspired to get fit:

  1. My body seems to like it – most of the time.  Immediately after the classes I can’t actually feel half of my body and the other half feels as though it has been run over, oh and the muscles I didn’t know I had.. who knew I had so many muscles in my bum!
  2. Yoga (one of the classes I do every week), is challenging but also mentally relaxing
  3. I can actually do the HIITs class. This is a big one for me, in the past so many classes and gym stuff was just too painful for me to do for any length of time that I simply gave up.  HIITs are short bursts of exercises and although they are challenging, they are also achievable, that is a massive motivator for me
  4. In my mind, I feel far more positive about exercising. I think this is because I am no longer doing it to fit in, look better, lose weight, etc.  I’m doing it because I actually want to
  5. I am slowly getting more energy. I have always suffered with fatigue, but I feel more motivated and ready to go!

None of the reasons are related to how I look or might look the more I exercise, and I’m glad about that.  When looking good was my inspiration I always failed.  Now that feeling good is my inspiration I know I’ll succeed.

I would love to inspire all of you to find what you love, an activity that made you FEEL good.  The only one who can do that is you.  I hope you find your inner motivator too.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Samantha Lee says:

    This is so inspiring! I need to get back in shape. It’s so important to do it for yourself and not for others, like you said.


    1. stuffnfings says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! It’s amazing how much difference changing how you think can make.


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