Felt Flower Crafting – Tools

Before you embark on making any flowers from felt it is essential to have all the right tools. I have found myself stuck mid-flow because I realised I wanted to make a type of flower and didn’t have the right bits so to speak!

As well as investing in good quality felt (see my intro post) it is also worth investing in good quality tools (with the exception perhaps of the glue gun.) I recommend and use all of the tools mentioned and linked in this post.

Felt Tulips
Felt Tulips

So here is my list of tools:

  1. A quality pair of scissors. We have about three pairs (as my OH helps in the production of wedding flowers in the cutting out department!). If you get low quality scissors they will blunt too quickly and end up tearing the felt.

I use Fiskars 24cm Scissors

  1. A quality pair of pinking shears. Again there is no point going cheap on these as they will not be able to cut through the felt and end up causing more cursing than cutting. Believe me!

I use P.LOTOR Professional Stainless Steel Dressmaking Pinking Sheers

  1. A glue gun is essential! Much quicker and easier than sewing the flowers, also a little more robust. I do sew felt when it comes to little critters etc (more on these later this year!), but for flowers I swear by the glue gun, and AT the glue gun. I have several, the one in the photo is cordless, more expensive and I am still in two minds regarding how effective it is. On the one hand it produces a very clean glue that is easy to apply and less messy than the cheaper gun, on the other hand it only lasts 30 mins at a time and when I’m on an epic flower making stint (30 tulips took four hours!) then I need something on all the time. I have two:

The Bosch Cordless Glue Gun (in photo) and

Puregadgets 20W Glue Gun

  1. Glue sticks – you need more of these than are ever delivered with the guns, although the Puregadget comes with 50, the Bosch only comes with 4! Go for the 7.2mm x 100mm ones
  1. Polystyrene spheres are essential to make those larger flowers such as cabbage roses or succulents. I use 40mm ones for the optimum size for me but play around with sizes, they are not expensive and are great fun to experiment with. I also use larger ones as counterweights at the bottom of the floristry wire to help balance when I make the flowers
  1. Floral wire. The thing to know about floral wire is the smaller the gauge number the thicker the wire is! (that always flummoxes me!) so 18 gauge is thicker than 20 gauge etc. Also heavier. So bear this in mind when thinking about your bouquet. I have 18 guage because another thing to bear in mind is the size of the flower head and robustness. I also have 20 gauge for smaller flowers and some tiny wires (the silver ones) for branched flowers

I recommend this 18 gauge floristry wire, this 20 gauge floristry wire and this 28 gauge silver wire

  1. The felt – as per my previous post, good quality felt is essential, I get mine from colourfulfelt.co.uk
  1. Cutting mat – I have two of these and they are great as cutting mats (obvs!), but also for gluing on (the glue just peels off when dried if it drops anywhere) and they are very sturdy so you can even make flowers on your lap while watching TV!
  1. Buttons are fab when flower making, either as a feature of the flower (the centre for instance), or as an anchor for the wire. I just have a load in jars but you can get packs from most crafting stores.
  1. Floristry tape, ribbon and hessian. These are for finishing touches. Once the flower is made wrapping the stem in floristry tape gives a softer finish and then when you create your bouquet a nice thick hessian ribbon can finish the whole look!

If you like to use patterns then pen and paper is helpful – I tend to cut freehand, but my OH likes a guide for petal shapes. Apart from that, the above is everything I use when making my flowers. I have excluded my cats from the list as they are more of a hindrance than a help!

Felt flower making
Felt flower making

All of the above amazon links are affiliate links and represent products I have ordered myself and use regularly.

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Enjoy your crafting!

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