Quick and Easy Low Carb Office Lunches      


When following a healthy eating plan such as carb cycling, which involves low and no carb days, it can seem quite challenging when faced with the dreaded office lunch!  With so many to-go places focused on bread or pasta, with very little choice of no carb meals apart from salad what can you do?

Prepare these easy and delicious lunches, that’s what you can do.

I have had each of these at lunch in my office, where I have access to a tiny kitchen and in fact any of these lunches can be made at your desk if you have no facilities at all

Chicken and hummus lettuce boats/wraps

Chicken and Hummus Lettuce Wraps

Use a little salad lettuce with big leaves, like a cos.  Wash each leaf, I have four or five.  Smear a spoonful of hummus on top (you could also use guacamole, salsa, flavoured hummus, aubergine dip etc) and then place a piece of roasted chicken on top.  Roll the lettuce around the filling like a wrap.

Chorizo and cream cheese lettuce boats/wraps


As with above, us a cos lettuce with big leaves.  Take four or five and wash them.  Smear the cream cheese (I use Philidelphia garlic and herb, but you can use whatever flavour you enjoy, also Boursin or Cottage Cheese would work).  Then layer the chorizo slices on top.  Alternatively, use ham, chicken, corned beef, beef slices, pastrami.

Chorizo and avocado salad


This one probably could use a kitchen, just because an avocado is a bit messy to prepare.  This lunch has a mix of kale salad leaves with rocket, spinach and watercress (I need iron!).  I peel and slice the avocado and then lightly dress the salad with olive oil and lemon juice, then place the chorizo slices on top.

Prawn cocktail


That old 1970’s favourite starter is a great protein packed lunch! You can cheat and buy a tub of pre-made prawn cocktail and just serve it on top of a salad, ideal with limited facilities.  If you have space to make something then get some pre-cooked prawns, mayonnaise, tom ketchup, lemon.  Mix the mayo, ketchup and lemon juice to make the simple marie rose sauce (as it’s lunch and work I’ve missed out the brandy splash that really knocks that sauce up a notch!).  Mix the prawns in the sauce and serve on top of salad leaves.

Eat. Enjoy.  Feel good about yourself!

If you enjoyed this little recipe please do follow for more posts on quick and healthy recipes, among other topics including felt crafting and topics about life in general.  Please comment if you tried this or have any questions, it is good to talk!

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