Wildflower Tutorial using Waste Felt

When making flowers out of felt, we use all kinds of shapes and all different sizes.  So out of the corners of waste felt you can make petals and stamen.

Waste not want not

After cutting shapes out of felt you are inevitably left with corners and seemingly unusable bits and pieces.  Don’t throw them away just yet! There might still be uses for it.  Even if it looks like confetti, it can still be used, as confetti (obvs) or stuffing for soft toys that are meant to look a bit lumpy or cat toys… or to make a wildflower!

Below is a small tutorial on making petals out of waste felt into a wildflower.

WARNING – bits of felt are irresistible to cats.

If you do find yourself hoarding a waste pile of felt, awaiting the magic transformation into more felt shapes, keep it somewhere safe, somewhere secret, because otherwise you will wake up with a trail of felt bits all over your house, in the bath, under the cat food bowls and in your shoes.  As I have.  Indeed, even when making this tutorial, Barney cat could not resist the allure of the pile of felt bits…


You have been warned!

So on with the tutorial.

As you can see from the images I have drawn the shape you can cut from corners of felt with a market pen.  I don’t advise doing this yourself.  I have only done it to demonstrate the shape you can get from a corner or similar waste shape.  If you were to draw and cut every petal from waste bits you may end up doing this task into eternity, and beyond…

Make a petal

So get your corner and make the pointy bit the tip of your leaf/petal shape, all you are doing is cutting a rounder bit at the bottom.  This is the bit that you can then pinch together and voila! You have a petal for any number of different flower types.

Make some stamen

Also, look out for waste shapes that have a remaining oblong or strip of felt left.  These can be cut into stamen but fringing the strip and then gluing that around the floral wire.


From a reasonably small pile of waste I managed to salvage three pots of differently sized petal shapes (small, medium and large) and a selection of strips to make stamens.

Assemble the flower

Once you have your petals, pinch the bottom of each small and medium petal and glue to create the petal.  Then glue six small petals around the stamen, followed by medium petals in each gap between the small petals.  Lastly glue the bottom of the larger petals (unpinched) and set these around the edges.  Lastly take some of the green waste petal shapes and place these underneath as leaves.

Here is your wildflower!

Go forth, save felt and make wildflowers!

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