Quick and Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

I’ve been ill.  Sick to the stomach, unable to breathe, coughing up my lung, ribs feeling like they have been broken, headache, earache, sore throat, temperature the works.  Full blown man flu.  (It was pneumonia so possibly not as bad as man flu). There is only one thing for man-flu (apart from a cupboard full of cold cures and sleep): chicken noodle soup.  And it is quick and easy to make, healthy too!

Ingredients, serves 2

Left over roast chicken (or a one large chicken breast)


Chicken stock cube



Lemon zest and lemon juice


Chives and parsley


Having roasted a chicken at the weekend, to make this soup I simply placed the carcass, with lots of remaining meat into a big pot alongside sticks of celery, seasoning and some oregano and added a lot of water to cover it.  Then boiled until the mean fell off the carcass (with a little bit of encouragement.)

You could brown some chopped chicken breast instead if you haven’t recently roasted a chicken.

After removing the chicken carcass I added more chopped celery, some stock (I love knorr chicken stock), and the chicken meat together with the linguine and lemon zest.  Continue to taste and adjust seasoning, add lemon juice to flavour.  A knob of butter is a little secret added extra at the end to slightly thicken and also give a lovely body to the soup.  Serve with some chopped chives and parsley.

Eat. Enjoy.  Feel good about yourself!

If you enjoyed this little recipe please do follow for more posts on quick and healthy recipes, among other topics including felt crafting and topics about life in general.  Please comment if you tried this or have any questions, it is good to talk!

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