DIY Felt Flower Crown

More Wedding DIY! This time my felt flower crown, which if I am completely honest I was dreading creating as 1. I have never made one before and 2. What if it looked a total disaster and I had to rethink my entire look for the day? So I overcame the silly thinking (see my other posts about pesky thoughts) and took the bull by the horns so to speak.

What do you need?

  • Copper or floristry wire to make the circlet
  • A bunch of felt flowers from your collection
  • Strip of felt in your chosen colour
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire cutters

Laying Out

First things first. Take a length of your chosen wire, I had some copper wire and since that is so soft decided to use that for the base rather than floristry wire, and wind it around your head to get your head shape.

Once you have your circlet, you can start to lay out the flowers you want to use in the rough order you want them.

Felt flower crown layout
Layout the flowers


Making it is simply a case of wrapping the wire flower stalks around the wire circlet.  One thing I realised, and would change next time I make one (there will be more!), was that I should have shortened the wire stalks, as I ended up having far too much to wrap and lots of poky ends sticking up here and there.

The final touch is a piece of felt, cut to the width of the crown and the length required and hot glue gunned into place to soften the back of the crown and all those wire bits.

Flower crown
Flower crown and Bagpuss photobomb!

Et Voila!

My flower crown.

I think it may get more use than just my wedding day, especially with the festival season coming up!!

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