Vision Boards – Make Your Dreams a Reality

I have always used vision boards for as long as I can remember.  Recently I looked back on some old boards I had created and hidden behind my wardrobe and noticed that everything I had diligently cut out and stuck onto the card was now my reality.  Things that six years ago felt completely out of reach, are happening right now!

We have so many tools at our disposal to help us improve our lives it is hard sometimes to choose what to do.  Mindfulness, thought awareness, meditation, creativity, gratitude, visualisation are all powerful aids and vision boards bring these elements together in one tool.

They are powerful for many reasons:

  • When creating them you are focused on positive outcomes
  • You become grateful for possibility
  • You get excited
  • You naturally enter a meditative state of mind
  • The act of making them is creative (even if you don’t consider yourself to be creative)
  • As you choose images to reflect your desires you are aware of your thoughts and using them to work for you instead of against you

It has been proven in various studies about the power of visualisation, so I won’t repeat what several mind, body, green and Tiny Buddha posts have already outlined.  But some people find it hard to visualise, another reason vision boards are so great as they bring to life your desires and wants in a visual way without you having to struggle with painting pictures in your mind, because you get to paint or create images with your hands.

Love vision board
Love vision board

Making a Vision Board

How you make a vision board is entirely up to you!  Some people like to get physical and use cardboard, cut out images from magazines and stick them down, others use Pinterest (the ultimate vision board tool in my opinion), Instagram, Polyvore, or you can draw what you want in your journal or on some paper.  You can display your vision board or, like I did, place it somewhere significant – behind the wardrobe was simply the right Feng Shui location for that particular board.

A couple of things to bear in mind when making your board:

  1. Feelings are important. Try and illustrate how you want to FEEL with your images.  If you want a new kitchen, select images that make you smile and reflect the feeling you want to achieve in that room, not just the colour or door styles.
  2. Pictures, words, quotes and objects are all relevant. Use quotes and words as well as pictures and if you are creating a physical vision board add objects that have meaning.  For instance, when I created my now achieved, vision board for love, I stuck red hearts, tarot cards and runes that related to love and paper butterflies for transformation to the board.  Find things that have meaning as well as images that are representative of actual things.
  3. There are no rules for vision boards – so feature whatever inspires you and especially things that seem unachievable right now.  By embracing everything you release limits in your life and that opens up so many opportunities
  4. Don’t limit the vision board format… one of my most successful vision boards is this…. A message placed on my fireplace, it is permanent and it infuses everything in my life, my energy immediately shifted when I put this up and miracles arrive every day..
Expect A Miracle
Expect A Miracle

Because I love them so much I have vision boards all over my Pinterest too.  Some are now achieved like this Kitchen Vision Board and even my Car Vision Board

(I have one of the cars on the board finally!) so I have created some new Vision Boards for new exciting dreams…

What is your vision board going to be like?

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