My Dream Craft Room – Vision Board

In just under 8 weeks I get married.  The time is flying by and I am still making felt flowers, felt succulents, bunting and sign writing, and I am still doing this from my living room.  What a girl needs, what THIS girl needs is a craft room…

The Cabin

Luckily for me I have an area, at the bottom of my garden, called The Cabin.  It’s a roughly 5m x 4m space that was once a home office that I built with my own fair hands several years ago (I admit I had some help).  Since then it has been through various uses including storage room, junk yard and inventor’s workshop (my other half makes his Steampunkcoffeemachines down there).  Currently it is part junk yard, part workshop but mainly wedding storage unit!

Buddha Outside My Cabin
Buddha Outside My Cabin

The calm exterior shown here belies it’s chaotic interior (so embarrassing!).  My current crafting area is little more than my dad’s old desk and a sewing machine, with barely room for me to sit.

My Current Space...!
My Current Space…!

This has to change!

After the wedding, or AW as the OH and I now call it, we are going to completely clean up this space, not least because we will no longer need 3,000 metres of bunting, 50,000 fake flowers, felt flowers, bell jars, LED lights, unicorn heads, various letters ranging from A, P, &, #, LOVE, lit up arrows or signs, posters, pictures in frames, words in frames or anything else wedding related for that matter! What we don’t keep (very little) we will sell, and that my friends will open a whole lot of space for my dream craft room!

The New Craft Room

Now as per usual I have started to think about this already.  Despite previous advice on parking stuff that is not immediately relevant in order to keep a clutter free mind, I can’t help but imagine what it will be like to have a table just for photographing my new felt creations, a shelving area with row upon row of felt flowers ready to be packaged, a packaging area(!), a wall of hanging boxes filled with ribbons, embroidery silks, buttons and an entire drawer unit of felt….

Now, I am lucky enough to be able to enter a competition that West Elm is holding for attendees to the Blogtacular Conference in June, (friends, if you are a blogger and in the UK and haven’t got your ticket to this event yet go go go – not only is the line-up fab, there is an amazing competition!).  By dreaming up my perfect craft room using West Elm for inspiration I could win expert help in designing it and get some key pieces of furniture to go in it, cool huh?

The Vision Board

I’m a firm believer in vision boards, and have been Pinteresting (new word?) to my heart’s content for inspiration and to bring to life my perfect craft space.  If you haven’t heard of vision boards before, check out my post on how effective they can be and how to do them.

For my craft room I have a gazillion ideas.  The rule of a vision board is that there are no rules, so even though I will still have to share the space with the Steampunkcoffeemachine work area and storage, I am still happily imagining my ideal, because who knows what can be achieved with a little imagination and expert help?!

After visiting the West Elm store on Tottenham Court Road, flicking through their website and looking on their Pinterest and Instagram pages I have loads of ideas!

Here are a few highlights:

Dream Craft Room with West Elm
Dream Craft Room with West Elm

In my ideal room I think I’d have two desks, one for crafting on with shelving, like this and one to sit at and write like the Acorn Desk in the vision board above

Modern Wall Desk
Modern Wall Desk (aka my crafting station)

For a craft room, storage is everything and I love a bit of mid-Century furniture… if I could I’d have everything in G-Plan.  What I love about West Elm is its mid-Century range and beautiful furniture that just looks fabulous as well as being highly functional… imagine all the felt I could store in these babies…

Side Cabinet

Arlo Media Console
Arlo Media Console (aka felt storage!!)

The great thing about creating a craft room is that normal furniture can be re-appropriated with a bit of imagination for different uses, so an armoire or wardrobe becomes a crafting station, a bar becomes storage area for sewing machine and threads, a bedside drawer cabinet becomes a desk side felt storage unit, a bar becomes a photography station, a book case becomes a felt flower storage area, the possibilities are endless!

Imagine the goodies I could store in this v cool bar…

Large Mid Century Bar Cabinet
Large Mid Century Bar Cabinet (aka my new craft storage unit)

And this would be so cool as a movable crafting console…

Tiered Bar Console (aka my new craft console)
Tiered Bar Console (aka my new craft console)

I’m also imagining creating some kind of mezzanine area (who doesn’t love a mezzanine?!) to store un-needed boxes and free up space.  That may require my OH to hammer nails in planks of woods and things, darling if you reading this – here’s a heads up for you 😉 ❤

For more inspiration take a look at my Pinterest Vision Board – Dream Craft Room and check out my Instagram feed for regular updates as I will be pouring over inspiration for many weeks and months to come as I gear up to transforming that space…

Keep your fingers crossed for me, the sooner I get my dream craft room the sooner I’ll be designing new felt fings for you to buy and make!

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