My Dream Outdoor Space, with West Elm

Another thing I would love is a tranquil, calm and fun outdoor space. Somewhere I can put my feet up for a few moments of peace, especially as the sun keeps trying to make an appearance!
We have a lovely big garden, with the cabin at the end of it, but being a first floor flat (the top floor of a detached house), means we have to go down into the garden and our neighbours kitchen can overlook it.  So we use it very rarely.
Instead we use our terrace, which has had several iterations and is currently “in progress!”.
Our current terrace
Our current terrace
We recently had to spend a lot of money on the black stuff you can see there to waterproof the terrace, and as a result had to remove all the built in pallet furniture my lovely other half spend many weekends hammering together.
The pallet furniture has now been recycled for the wedding (surprise!!) so we had a big blank terrace shaped space to fill.
So far we have some fabulous fake grass, an old deck chair I had for ages and a flamingo in the corner!
The walls need a lot of love and I am thinking about doing some mosaic tiling under buddha, but the space needs a lot more love!
West Elm has some gorgeous outdoor things, and as part of this exciting competition with Blogtacular, I can’t help but be greedy and pick a few things out, you know, just in case!  #dreamwestelm!
There is a bit of a theme going on, see if you can spot it!
Dream Outdoor Space, with West Elm

West Elm battery powered light
£15 –

West Elm aluminum patio furniture
£525 –

West Elm outdoor wall decor
£15 –

West Elm white planter
£230 –

West Elm outdoor garden decor
£21 –

West Elm outdoor garden decor
£34 –

West Elm coir doormat
£23 –

West Elm Flamingo Watering Can
£14 –

West Elm outdoor wall art
£230 –

West Elm rose gold home decor
£54 –

West Elm rustic end table
£195 –
I can picture myself now, lying back with Pimms in my hand, cats at my feet in a lovely tranquil space….
Keep your fingers crossed for me, vision boards or no vision boards, this space needs some love!!

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  1. Your terrace is so cute! We are working on our patio this summer too! I love west elm


    1. stuffnfings says:

      Thanks!! It’s so nice having a little space to sit in. X

      Liked by 1 person

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