I’m back

I’m back! And I’m married! Yay

This is not a post about the wedding though, I shall dedicate some time to that when I have the photos to do it justice, as the day really does deserve justice doing to it.

But I wanted to pop by and let you all know that I, a newly married woman, have returned to the world of the blog.  I would like to say I am refreshed and ready to tackle what the world has to offer.  And I am.  Sort of.  I only had a mild blip of post-wedding/post-honeymoon blues and I put that down entirely to PMT running amuck.

I am finding it hard to adjust to my new lifestyle, not the being married bit, that is joyful to the extreme.  But I have stopped working full time and am now focusing on working out how to re-arrange my previously highly structured 7am-8pm lifestyle into a far less stressful and much healthier approach of smaller chunks of doing different things, including this blog.

I am sure you are all very happy about my return and look forward to more recipes and craft related stuff.  But I can’t promise that will be the future shape of the blog.   I may change things.*

Right now I have no idea what or how things might change.  So bear with me.  There will be a few posts here and there about things that are top of my mind.  And the odd recipe maybe.  There will be more crafting that is guaranteed but it might go somewhere else**

So until then, hello again and see you soon!





*I will change things, I was being gentle with you

**cryptic I know… imagine the Eastenders theme tune for that bit

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