A Change in Direction


You may have all noticed it has been all quiet on the blog front since my wedding.  Well there is a reason for that.  I am changing direction.  Not literally, apparently if you do that in the wind it’s not a good thing, or so my mother used to tell me.  No.  My blog is changing in direction.  I originally started blogging to explore cooking, thinking and crafting.  But apparently, it is a good idea to focus on one thing at a time.  Who knew? (I cannot guarantee I will do this).  So the blog will predominantly focus on my crafting. (Caveat here – there may be thinking and cooking here and there).

The main reason to focus my blog on my crafting is to keep me focused on my crafting and integrate the blog into the many platforms I am trying to get my head around as well as the felt.

Back in the day, (you know the 1980’s) all you had to do was make something out of felt, stick it on a wallpaper table with a cloth over it in a village hall craft fair and sell it.  Now you have to have Instagram (www.instagram.com/mystuffnfings), Facebook (www.facebook.com/feltnfings), Twitter (@stuffnfings) Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.co.uk/anyalou/) Etsy (www.feltnfings.com/etsy), Folksy (https://folksy.com/shops/Anyalou) etc etc.  Not only that but craft fairs have become bigger, better (for attendees) and more professional.  So I have to design the perfect stand as well as make all the stuff to go on it! (Look out for my review of being at The Handmade Fair – coming soon!)

FnF Etsy Cover-2

And you have to keep them ALL up to date! Now I am very early on my journey with the social media/online business thing.  If I could, I would lock myself in my cabin and just make things out of felt all day long.  But unfortunately, I have to sell them or at least sell tutorials about how to make them! And that means marketing them as well as come up with new ideas and tutorials for cute felt animals and amazing felt flowers/plants. So suddenly my hobby has become a small business and one I would quite like to succeed.

All good businesses have a mission, and mine is simply to bring more felt crafted love into people’s lives.  Ideally, I would like more people to make things for themselves and as gifts for others out of felt, because making, crafting and giving is a very special thing to do.

It won’t all just be feltnfings related, I will also be reviewing craft books as and when I get time to look at them and subscriptions boxes and craft kits, when they get sent to me to review that is.  In fact, I have one lined up to share with you all very soon!

We seem to be entering an age where handmade is finally recognised as better than mass produced (one positive about no longer being in the 1980/90’s – that and no more rara skirts, or terrible hair styles… let’s face it the list is endless).  But, small makers have to employ the marketing prowess of major brands, without the budget, time, personnel or in many cases experience!

So bear with me.  I’m trying to learn Instagram, pinterest and etsy all at the same time at the moment.


Feel free to support me by popping along and liking/following/commenting in any of my social media hidey-holes… In fact right now I have a little giveaway on Instagram that could bag you a free tutorial and you get to vote on which my next tutorial should be!

In return I promise to be better at posting on the blog, plus I have lots of free tutorials planned for the blog, so stick around!

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