Oh My God, My Wedding is in a magazine!

Ok, not the best title in the world, but oh my god my wedding is in a magazine! Yay.  Happy dance. EXCITING!

As you can see, Mattie was not quite as excited by this as us


When I planned the wedding with my husband, we dreamed we might get it into our favourite magazine Rock n Roll Bride magazine (www.rocknrollbride.com), but didn’t quite have the arrogance to think it actually would make the grade.  So we hoped it might, but we certainly didn’t plan it in order to get featured.

Instead, we just planned a day that our friends and family would remember forever, and that represented us and them in as many ways as possible.  We didn’t really have a theme, unless a theme is “all the things we love and some things we didn’t know we loved but we do now!”.

It was an eclectic mix of festivalesque fun, sci-fi, fantasy, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Unicorns, colour, coffee, Morris Men, Blindfolded hobby horse jousting, lego and felt flowers! That probably doesn’t do it justice, because in all honesty it was the best day of my life and if I could do the day again, I would, in a heartbeat!

Anyway, I submitted the wedding to the magazine.  Thanks to our amazing wedding photographer, Heline Bekker (http://helinebekker.co.uk/blog/) we had over 900 amazing magazine worthy photos and luckily for us Kat at Rock n Roll Bride agreed that our wedding was magazine worthy too!

So, pop to WHSmith and grab yourself a copy before it sells out and see my wedding!

As an added bonus, the feature has kick-started my felt flower business, which is so amazing as I dream of making felt flowers for wedding full-time! I have had some orders and you will see more of those in upcoming posts as I run my weekly, “what I made this week” series.

If you want to know more about my wedding flowers pop along to my etsy shop to see what I can make for you!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alison says:

    Well congratulations missus! On both the lovely wedding and your business boost. You made a very beautiful bride Anya!

    Best wishes for the future (p.s. the groom ain’t too shabby looking’ either!)

    Ali xx


    1. stuffnfings says:

      Hey Ali! thank you so much! It was a wonderful day and I am very very lucky! Hope you are well xx


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