New Ranges – What is Next?

I have so many ideas, the swirl around my head like crazy and because I was born without patience and have yet to learn it (I’m 47, its never going to happen), I want to make all the new things NOW!

Instead of doing that I thought I’d ask you all what you think.  What should I start making next to launch on my etsy site?

There are four choices (there are far more ideas than this, but I’ve made these the shortlist):

  1. Felt flower and felt succulent garlands
  2. Felt flower headbands, for kids and adults
  3. Wall hangings with felt flowers or felt succulents or glitter felt silhouettes (these can also be personalised)
  4. Felt flower and felt succulent boxes

Now, I appreciate that it is difficult to choose without images, BUT if enough of you comment and let me know what you think I will make some mock-ups and then take them to a poll on here and Instagram.

So tell me what YOU think!  Thanks!

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