Be Inspired by Red and Yellow Felt Flowers

Bridal Bouquets

Following my amazing feature in Rock n Roll Bride Magazine, a fellow Rock n Roll Bride from the Facebook Group contacted me and immediately ordered her wedding flowers!

How Amazing is that?

I’ve been working on them ever since, working through the four main colours, yellow, red, blue and green.  (The theme is awesome, but I’m not giving the game away until the lovely bride has her flowers!)

Last week was a red and yellow week, and as a result of posting on Instagram I received another order for rainbow flowers, which I will post about separately.

I really do feel so exhilarated working with such glorious colours, you can’t help but smile when you are surrounded by red and yellow felt!

Reds and Yellows

I have mainly been making lots of red and yellow flowers.  This tends to involve a lot of cutting circles and strips and spirals to make the different flowers.

The main flowers I have made for these bouquets are peonies, roses, licianthus, chrysanthemums, anemone and billy balls (felting my own felt balls – get me!).


The central flower in the bridal bouquet has some gold glitter felt in it, I love a bit of glitter! I thought it might be tough to work with, but once cut into circle it worked quite well.  I normally use the glitter felt for planner bands, so it is nice to use it for something else and I’m pretty sure it will get used again in future.


So the yellows and reds are more or less done, they just need some leafage adding.  Once the greens and blues are done and I’ve finished the lilies and a couple of red anemones and a protea, I’ll be able to get on with the fun bit, forming them into bouquets! Watch out for that in a week or two.

If you want to know more about my wedding flowers pop along to my etsy shop to see what I can make for you!

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