Chakra Inspired Rainbow Flowers

Rainbow Flowers

I have wonderfully creative and open friends.  One of them recently asked me to make 12 rainbow inspired flowers for her window sill.

Chakra Energy Centres

I thought I would link it to the chakra system (as she’s also wonderfully spiritual like me) and came up with the idea for a bunch of flowers using the colours that correspond to each chakra:

  • Red for the root
  • Orange for the Sacrum
  • Yellow for Solar Plexus
  • Green for Heart
  • Turquoise for Throat
  • Indigo for the Third Eye
  • Violet for the Crown

It also meant I could try out a few new flowers I have been really keen to try, in particular a freesia and a protea (also known as a sugarbush flower).  My friend has just returned from Iceland and coincidentally (or serendipitously) I came across the most amazing looking flower, an Icelandic Poppy – so I thought I’d add one of those as well!

The 12 flowers I designed are as follows:

  • Red peony and Icelandic poppy
  • Orange protea and rose
  • Yellow peony and rose
  • Green succulent and chrysanthemum
  • Blue peony and crysthanemum
  • Indigo and violet freesia
  • Indigo and violet peony

In the end the final bouquet is stunning (even though I say so myself) and luckily my lovely friend agrees.


Available to buy now

This rainbow bouquet is now available to buy for yourself or a gift for someone special on my etsy shop at just £35 plus p&p.

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