Making a Felt Icelandic Poppy

Even though nature is all around us, it is so easy to miss it.  It’s not until I started making felt flowers that I really started to pay attention to flowers and plants whenever I went outside.  Now all I do is look at the flora and fauna around me, particularly when I go on a long walk but also online.

It is online that I came across the Icelandic poppy and simply had to try to make one. Isn’t it glorious?


How I made it

The Icelandic poppy is slightly bigger than our domestic poppy with very distinctive centre markings.

To make this I felted a ball from grey merino wool, and place fine strips of bright yellow felt over the top to emulate the cross/star shape.  I think next time I will attempt to cut a small multi-fronded centre piece for the felt ball. (no doubt it would be easier with a die cutting machine, but I am stubborn and am currently still hand cutting everything!).

Around the centre ball is a folded and fringed strip of felt, and around that nine petals, cut to shape and pinched at the top and bottom to give them a cupped look.

Overall I was really happy with this flower, just a few tweaks might make it even more glorious!

I’ll be creating a series of new tutorials soon for the etsy shop (individual flower tutorials start at just £1) and the Icelandic poppy will be among them!


The Icelandic poppy is part of the rainbow bouquet available to buy for yourself or a gift for someone special on my etsy shop at just £35 plus p&p or you can buy just one in any colour for £5 plus P&P.

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