Felt Succulent Fun – How to Have Plants at Home that Never Die!

If you are anything like me instead of a green finger you’ll have what they call a black thumb.  That means I pretty much find it impossible to keep any plants alive, and that includes succulents.

My solution is to make them from felt! Not only does this mean they last forever, they are also less prickly and super cute!

Just look at these.

The great thing about them is you can use them for a range of different things: as wedding décor, a desk pet at work, home décor and they make lovely gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day or as housewarming gifts.


Luckily it seems there are others out there that share both my inability to raise real succulents and my love of felt succulents as some have already found new homes.

All three succulents are available on my etsy shop at £8.50 each plus p&p and you can select the colours of the air plants and the flowers on the top of the cacti.  More succulent types and items will be added soon, including succulent planters, frames, garlands and headbands.  If you want to see something specific or would like me to create a felt succulent item just for you, drop me a message on the etsy shop, I am always happy to help.

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