Custom Felt Wedding Bouquets Inspiration

After finishing the gloriously vibrant custom order for my bride (I can’t wait to share the finished bouquets with you all), I decided to make some more bouquets to list on my etsy shop in order to showcase some additional colourways and encourage brides to be to see that they can have whatever they want with felt flowers.

Too colourful?

Because my own felt wedding bouquet was so colourful, it struck me that this example may be off putting to brides with differing tastes to my own.  The challenge with running a small business is that I cannot invest lots of money into creating a bouquet for every colour theme out there.  So I chose a couple that I have seen requested in different Facebook groups and plan to add a couple more in the upcoming weeks.

Wedding Colour Themes

The colours I chose also coincided with another order of the fabulous wildflower bouquet (my current absolute favourite bouquet), which has blue and purple peonies in it.  So, you guessed it, the bouquets are blue and purple.

While researching wedding themes there do appear to be 100’s if not 1,000’s of colour themes, but the most mentioned seem to be:

  • navy and white
  • navy and gold
  • Cadbury purple/indigo and white (pantone colour of the year no less)
  • rose gold (pantone colour of 2016)
  • pink and grey

So this week’s bouquets are blue, purple, navy and white, purple and white and white.


The Flowers

The flowers I created included blue roses, lisianthus, crysanthenums and peonies in each bouquet, with the white bouquet also containing some lilies.  For the blue and purple bouquets I also created my unique tudor rose as the centre flower.

Hopefully, these showcase how gorgeous felt flowers look and how adaptable they are! Watch out for the rose gold and grey/pink bouquets coming soon.

If you want to know more about my wedding flowers pop along to my etsy shop to see what I can make for you!

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