Top Tips for ETSY SEO Part 1 – Titles and Tags

When people search for your product, you want to make sure they find your item in as few steps as possible.  Ideally you want to be in the first page of listed items that are shown when a search term is entered.

So how do you do that? Good old SEO. Where you apply SEO is one of the most important aspects of your Etsy Shop.  Without it and you won’t be found.  Obviously once found you need to ensure all other aspects of your shop are ticketity boo too, and I cover all of these things in other posts.

But first, SEO!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and I covered this a bit in my first post on the subject here.  In a nutshell, SEO is the way people find your stuff.  If you think about how you search for anything online, whatever results you see are the result of the SEO the owners of those sites have implemented.

It’s not as complicated as you think!

Etsy SEO is actually fairly straight forward. The main places you need to apply words and phrases that will be found when searched for are on your listing’s title and tags.

Before we look at the titles and tags though, lets do some more research on the ideal words and phrases you should use.

How to find the perfect words and phrases.

etsy screenshot

  1. Use Etsy Search as your first tool and type in the way you would describe your product. When you do this, Etsy offers autofill options in a drop down box and these are the terms they indicate are most used, so are a good place to start.  List all of these on an excel spreadsheet or word document.
  2. Go to or and set up a trial account. Both of these tools work in a similar way and basically allow you to test your search terms for success! On Marmalead and Etsyrank you will need to link your store, and it can analyse your listings for you. But for now, you just want to use the search function to analyse the success rating of your chosen terms.

Marmalead Search

As you can see Marmalead shows you how high the engagement is for a search term – and the competition level for the term

Ideally you want to find search phrases that have high engagement and low competition (that is easier said than done).

You can also compare search terms, which is a good way to find choose between phrases for similar products when listing.

EtsyRank Search

In a similar way to Marmalead, EtsyRank also tells you the engagement and competition, and it shows what the demand is for the term, and like Marmalead, you can compare search terms.


Create your list of keywords/phrases

Use either tool to create a list of at least 13 terms to use for your products, per product.  This seems a lot BUT if you have a range you can interchange the phrases.  As well as phrases that describe your item, look for terms that describe who it is for and what it is used for.

Apply your chosen two-three word phrases/keywords to your listing.

  1. The first place to apply them is in your title.

The title is the main header of a listing.  The challenge with Etsy is, that it is natural to want to describe your product as you would in a magazine say or a catalogue.

Without research and an understanding of SEO listings have titles like “Beautiful hand crafted pink and orange felt flowers”.  This is a fine title, right? Wrong.  On Etsy this wont get found. So my beautiful hand made pink and orange felt flowers will languish in the background while other shops’ pink and orange felt flowers are snapped up by happy customers, completely unaware that mine even exist, and that’s because the title is wrong.

While it is very tempting to want the title to be descriptive and easy to read, Etsy wants us to have a title that is a list of short two-three word phrases that sum up the following:

What it is, Who it’s for and How it can be used.

So taking the beautiful pink and orange felt flowers as an example, my title would look something like this:

Felt Flower Bouquet, Pink and Orange Flowers, Felt Peonies, Gift for Mum, Gift for Her, Home Décor, Mother’s Day Gift

The above is an example, as you can see I have not used any adjectives such as beautiful in the title.  Ideally you want a three-word phrase at the start of the title as these will also get picked up by Google.

There are 140 characters (including spaces) available to fill in the title. Ideally you want to use ALL of those characters.  Also ensure there are space dividers between the words/phrases. I use a comma, mainly because it is easy to read and easier to copy and paste into your tags (the next step in this SEO odyssey).  Some people use | between words, which looks nice, but does not enable easy copy and paste to tags.

With more than one of a similar product make sure you do not have the SAME starting phrase.  That’s why it’s a good idea to have more than 13 terms so you can alternate how you use them in your titles.

2. The second place to apply the phrases you have created are in your tags

You have two sets of tags.

  1. The first imaginatively titled ‘tags’, are the main search term tags. Etsy gives some advice if you click on the link next to the description of what they mean by tags.
  2. The second are material tags, and as the title suggests you use these to tag the materials your product is made of.

tag description

The most important of the two tags is the first.  You have 13 of each and for the first type you should use ALL 13 tags.

Start off by copying and pasting your title into your tags.  Each tag can only be 20 characters long (including spaces), so if one of your titles is too long, split it into two tags (or use a different phrase). Then you may have between 5 and 2 tags left to fill.

This is where your initial research comes in.  Where possible avoid single word tags, although in some areas a couple won’t hurt (such as unicorn, mermaid etc.)

Last but not least, the FOCUS keyword.

The first keyword or phrase you use in your title, should also be your first tag and this is important because this will be your FOCUS keyword. You should also use this word in the first sentence that describes your product (in the description).  By repeating this keyword you are telling Etsy that this is what you want to be searched for, so you should make sure it is one of the terms that you have researched, that people are actually using (in other words it has high engagement on Marmalead or Etsy Rank, and comes up as a suggestion in the Etsy search bar).

Now you have successfully applied keyword phrases that are used by your audience to find products like yours to your listings in their titles and tags.  It takes time for this to work its way through the Etsy algorithm (the way Etsy works out how to place listings at specific places), so don’t expect immediate results.  Within 30 days you should see traffic pick up and as you apply all the other tips and tricks I will be sharing with you, you will see orders coming through that shop door in no time!

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