About me…

This is a blog about life and the journey that has led me to where I am now, most recently the journey I have taken after divorce.

I’m 46, I’m a consultant, I work mainly in the coffee industry, I’m getting married for the second time this  year, I’m doing an MA in cosmology in my spare time, I have spare time because I don’t have kids.  I believe thoughts become things – that’s simplifying it but hopefully I’ll get to talk more about that, I love cats, I repeat I LOVE CATS, I love crafting and in my other bits of spare time I like to make felt things and I like to felt (well learn).

For my wedding I’m making lots of shit, (not actual shit)…felt flowers, unicorn heads, more felt flowers, bunting, embroidery fings.

I’m very passionate about body confidence, mainly because like most women I veer from having it to having none.  In other bits of my spare time I sometimes do Burlesque, it’s on hold right now as I’ve run out of spare time, but i will talk about it and I may do some more at some point.

I eat (who doesn’t) but I am following a clean eating lifestyle and I love food (the two do go hand in hand!).  I have EDS so find exercising excruciatingly painful but have a friend who has designed great HIITs for me, which I will share on here, and my journey in and out of the pain of exercise.

Why stuff + fings? Because this blog is about the stuff and fings that have helped and influenced me in my six year journey from hell to happiness.

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I hope you enjoy!